Community Sponsorship is a
unique innovative
resettlement model

that was created in Canada in 1979, which implies a great collective
commitment, since it not only transforms the lives of refugees but also
the communities that receive them

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We work to increase the number
of resettled refugees

and achieve the best integration of LGBTIQ+
families and people in a new community

About us

We value both the experience
of sexual and gender diversity,

as well as the diverse spirituality of refugees,
respecting and promoting a space where they can live
both aspects in freedom and equity


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What we do

In Fundación Amal Argentina we work to increase the number of resettled refugees, through the promotion, strengthening, and dissemination of the community sponsorship program in different communities across the country. We detect and train potential sponsors and sponsorship groups, accompanying them throughout the process, as well as providing psychological assistance, support and advice to refugees to achieve their better integration.

We work to promote, implement and strengthen the resettlement model known as Community Sponsorship, so that people in need of international protection can start a new life in our country. We advocate and promote the human rights of migrants and refugees with a focus on women, children, and the lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex, and queer (LGBTIQ +) community.


Through community sponsorship, the different communities and local volunteer groups have the possibility to directly help in the resettlement of a person or a family, providing them with tools for integration, financial and emotional support.

Community Sponsorship is a unique and innovative resettlement model created in Canada in 1979, which implies a great collective commitment, since it not only transforms the lives of refugees, but also the communities that receive them, generating a more pluralistic, receptive society, and open to cultural diversity.


In order to implement a program in a country, there must be a society willing to collaborate, people who commit and get involved in a challenging experience that will enrich and transform them both individually and collectively. In this framework, given the characteristics of our country and the good predisposition of our communities towards migration, Argentina is the first country in Latin America capable of implementing a program like this, as it is inclusive, promotes integration, and is receptive to immigration.

About us

We are founding members of the Argentine Network
that Supports Community Sponsorship of Refugees
Carolina Mussi

Carolina MussiGeneral

María Angeles Aguirre

Ma. Angeles AguirreSponsorship Groups

Rubén Kalmbach

Rubén KalmbachPatagonia Region

Luciano Durruty

Luciano DurrutyPsychosocial
Area Coordinator

Hugo Córdova Quero

Hugo Córdova QueroInterfaith
Aliance Coordinator

Nairouz Baloul

Nairouz BaloulWomen and Children Intercultural Bonding

Okba Aziza

Okba AzizaLGBTIQ+ Intercultural Bonding

Eyad Jaabary

Eyad JaabaryLGBTIQ+ Intercultural Bonding

Who we help

Community sponsorship has been implemented in Argentina since 2014 through the “Special Humanitarian Visa Program for foreigners affected by the conflict in the Syrian Arab Republic”, commonly known as the “Syrian Program” (Provision 1025/2019).

Fundación Amal Argentina collaborates in the resettlement of families and refugees of Syrian nationality who have resettlement priority according to UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees), and we are the first non-Canadian organization to implement sponsorship programs with refugee population that identifies as LGBTIQ+.


Take Action

Create a Sponsorship Group

Would you like to help refugees but can't find a way to do it?

Do you want to make a much bigger impact than donating or signing a petition?

Do you think that together with a group of family, friends, or neighbors you could receive a person or a family and help in their integration?

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Community sponsorship is about changing lives and empowering communities while helping those most in need. It offers ordinary people the opportunity to make a difference, stop being mere observers of the harsh reality that refugees live, actively participate to help them, and be part of history. Each sponsorship group that is created represents the opportunity to help a person or a family, to start a new life in a new country. The magic of community sponsorship is changing lives.

Create your Group

By building a sponsorship group in your community you will have the opportunity to directly help refugees.

The sponsorship groups must be made up of at least three people who jointly agree to sponsor a family or a refugee during a 12-month period. They will share tasks and responsibilities and commit to the Argentine State to provide financial and emotional support, and everything related to the process of integration into a new community. The groups will have the endorsement and support of Fundación Amal Argentina.

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Fundación Amal Argentina is a dynamic and growing space that we build as a team with an absolute willingness to help. We firmly believe in community sponsorship as the best long-term solution for successful resettlement and integration of refugees, and for this, it is necessary to achieve greater involvement of different communities, institutions, companies, and citizens. If you want to be part of our team as a volunteer or intern, send us your intention letter and your resume to


Donations will soon be available through Mecado Solidario or Bank Transfer.


1. What do we do with your donation?
Your donation will be used mainly to help sponsorship groups that provide assistance in the integration process of a family or person, and also to support the strengthening of our organization.
2. What transparency mechanism do you use?
All expenses are supervised by our Board of Directors. All funds that are distributed in cases are approved and prioritized by our staff and are administered directly through the sponsorship groups that express a need for assistance.
3. Can I get a donation receipt to be deducted from my income tax?
Yes, Fundación AMAL Argentina is registered as a Foundation under file number 9108302 correlative 194792 of the General Inspection of Justice, which enables all donations received to be deducted by the donor from income tax if they are reached the tax.
The amounts of money and donations in kind transferred can be deducted from the income tax base, with limits and meeting various requirements.
Individuals and legal entities may deduct their donations in kind and in cash up to 5% of the net profit for the year prior to their computation.
4. Can I make donations in-kind (food, hygiene supplies, clothing, technology)?
Yes, if you wish to make a donation in kind, please send an email to and we will contact you to coordinate the delivery.